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3-ye ar-old Jewel is the daughter of June and younger sister of Lily. She and her brother Jordan are the 2 cubs appearing in the final scenes for the BBC’s ‘Bearwalker of the NorthWoods’ and also the 2 yearlings playing with Gordon Buchanan’s camera equipment in the BBC’s ‘Bear Family and Me’.

Jewel gave birth to two cubs - one male and one female - on January 22nd, 2012, they are called Herbie and Fern

May 6th 2012

Today was the first showing of Planet Earth Live. We watched the show live with members of the crew. The BBC crew pulled this complex operation off masterfully. Julia Bradbury was excellent. Her emotions were genuine. The music fit the scenes wonderfully. The bears stole the show in our opinion and from the reactions on the Planet Earth Live twitter hashtag #planetearthlive and on the BBC Facebook page at.

image of Sam cub

May 5th 2012

5th Anniversary of the NABC - Jewel Update - Jewel and family visited their den again today. They also tried to cross the big paved road but turned back, probably because the cubs wouldn’t follow. It looks like the same story as Juliet a few days ago. Juliet and cubs did cross on their next attempt, and we hope Jewel’s cubs both make it across safely. Fortunately traffic is light at this time of year.

Sam plays with a pine cone - May 5, 2012A video of Jewel and family from April 27 2012.

April 28th 2012

Today Sue spent 5 hours with Jewel to document her behavior as she foraged, rested, nursed Herbie and Fern, played, and cooled off in pools. Jewel was an eating machine. Her head bobbed up and down as she bit and pulled succulent vegetation. She tore into logs and standing snags to feed on grubs and ants. She pawed away leaf litter to lick up snowfleas (Colembola). She rousted a Hermit Thrush (Catharus guttatus) from its nest and ate the eggs—shells and all.

Video of Jewel and cubs from April 25

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The mission of the non-profit North American Bear Center (NABC) is to advance the long-term survival of bears worldwide by replacing misconceptions with scientific facts about bears, their role in ecosystems, and their relations with humans.

There is a huge need for accurate information about bears worldwide.

Bears have been unfairly demonized for centuries. Exaggerated perceptions of danger historically led to eradication campaigns using bounties, poison, trapping, and shooting. All eight bear species around the world are now listed as vulnerable, threatened or endangered in all, or portions, of their ranges. Remote habitats that once insured isolation and protection are now being occupied by people, and the attitudes of these people will determine the future of those populations.

The Bear Center is dedicated to replacing misconceptions with facts worldwide. It is also working to conserve bear habitat, stop poaching for bear body parts, rehabilitate injured and orphaned bears back to the wild, and implement methods to reduce conflict between humans and bears.
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