Eagles4Kids is an online resource dedicated to bringing the world of Bald Eagles to life, from two streaming cameras focused on the nesting activities of a mated pair of Bald Eagles who nurture their young chicks until they are old enough to fly and be on their own, to providing useful resources to teachers to enable them to introduce Bald Eagles to the students in their classrooms, to engaging teachers and students in real time in a chat room devoted to their questions and observations, to offering a wide array of opportunities online for anyone to learn about America’s national symbol.

Eagles4kids is operated by Darrin Briggs and his 2nd grade class of the Blair – Taylor School District in Blair, WI. However this season, the entire school is helping out with the project and students are documenting not only our nest but nests all over the US. Now in its 3rd year of broadcasting, E4K is streaming two cams. A new PTZ was added for this season to watch the beautiful fly in and outs. We have also been able to watch many eagles feeding in the field.

Eagles4kids is like no other cam in that we are documenting history with the female (Lucy) disabled after losing her right talon and Larry her mate. Lucy has one egg that we are hopeful will hatch and she and Larry can nurture. Eagles4kids is also starting a new educational venture with an online chat. here Check out the daily updates by the students here

Also check out the daily updates by the students here.

Lucy makes history by laying an egg:

A video showing Lucy’s feet:

Lucy and Larry - Double fly-in:

Fish flops out of the nest:

Second chick born on April 10th:
3 Days after her brother, Lilly hatched and and joined the L-family.

First chick born on April 7th:
After not having had any chicks last year it was great to welcome the first arrival; Luke

Welcome greeting.

The Eaglets are growing!