What’s going on here?

The Jane Goodall Institute South Africa is sharing a world-first with you. Nina has given birth on January 23rd, at 07:28 South Africam time, with people all around the world sharing this moment.

In April 2007 Nina was confiscated from bushmeat hunters by the local authorities in South Sudan and taken to a zoo in the town of Wau. From there, she went to a JGI safe house located in Rumbek Sudan. Nina and four other infants (Thomas, Charlie, Dinka and Zee) were rescued from the Sudan at the same time and quarantined together.

The Jane Goodall Institute South Africa is a Rescue Sanctuary for such Chimpanzees and as such has a very strict non-breeding policy, but the implant failed and today we wait for Nina to give birth. We do not know if she will accept the baby, as she herself was tragically robbed of a normal childhood in the wild with her chimpanzee family. We suspect the father to be Thomas (himself tragically a bushmeat orphan). Only time will tell what happens in the coming days.

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