What’s going on here?

The nest you are seeing is one of the oldest stork nests in Romania and has been inhabited since 1950! It is located in the village of Carani in the Western part of Romania. The birds are White Stork (Ciconia ciconia).

White Storks arrive in Romania in early spring and then build their nests from twigs, reeds, grass, sticks, roots, soil and more. They generally locate the nests in tall trees, electrification poles or on chimneys of houses and the same pair will use and maintain the same nest for many years.

The female lays 3-5 white eggs which are incubated by both partners on alternate days. After about 33 days the eggs will hatch. The chicks will then remain in the nest for another two months before leaving it around the end of July.

Wildlife Romania

This is the first camera operated by Wildlife Romania, the brainchild of Cristian Ilea.

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What has happened so far?

Two eggs have hatched, the young storks have grown well and are starting to prepare for their first flying lessons.